How to stay sane and on top of your laundry

How to stay sane and on top of your laundry

Alright, Let’s talk about your laundry process you’re either absolutely out of control – 10 baskets deep – or you’re on top of every last fold and you tell your children to stop wearing clothes because they are making more washing for you. There’s no happy medium with laundry! Let’s talk about the things you can do to stay on top of your laundry.

Firstly, your drying space. It’s an integral part of the process.

Is it efficient? Is it big enough for your family? Does it fit in your space?

We’ve used the Hills 15m Dune Compact Folding Clothesline as a great example for a clothesline that would work in narrow spaces but still give you enough space to hang what you need. It disappears when you need the space back, making it super-efficient and great for smaller walkways (side house access) or laundries.

Next, we move onto ensuring you’re completely set up with all the accessories to maximise your space. You would be surprised what is out there on the market. Our faves are the towel pegs, They’re space-saving and high-functioning – which we’re all for, especially with the number of towels we go through in summer.

Then comes the process you put in place to stay on top of your washing. I have a few key points for this one. I call them my daily non-negotiables. These are things I commit to no matter how tired I am.

  • Laundry gets sorted into categories as the dirty washing goes into the laundry (Kids clothes, Our clothes, Work clothes & Towels/Linen) a method known as SAYG – Sort As You Go
  • Put on a load each night with a timer to hang out in the morning.
  • Once dry, bring back in. Fold and put away that evening.
  • Repeat Monday–Friday for a family of, 4 leaving the weekend free of chores and to allow you the time to correctly wash and care for any items that are delicate or require more attention like stained clothes or larger items like bedding etc.

My motto is a load a day keeps the washing away.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to use quality pegs to ensure your items don’t get damaged with rust marks etc.