About Hills

Hills is an iconic Australian brand, celebrated for the creation of the Hills Hoist, a revolutionary rotary clothesline that has become a staple in backyards and a symbol of Australian ingenuity since 1945. Our legacy of innovation and commitment to quality spans across a broad range of products from clotheslines to laundry and garden products, designed to make everyday life easier for modern households.

Invention and Founding

The story of Hills began when Lancelot (Lance) Leonard Hill returned home from the Second World War in 1945. Finding his wife Sherry struggling with the inefficient traditional clothesline in their cluttered backyard, Lance crafted the prototype of what was to become the world-famous Hills Hoist. Using just some old pipe and a welder, he created a clothesline that could be raised and lowered with ease, maximising efficiency and space. This innovation quickly captured the attention of friends, family, and eventually, the broader Australian public.

Early Innovations and Growth

Hills Industries was officially founded in 1946 by Lance and his brother-in-law Harold Ling. The initial models were crafted in Lance's backyard workshop before production moved to larger facilities. The design was revolutionary, providing an expansive hanging space with the hoist function that lifted washing clear of the ground for cleaner, quicker drying, which resonated deeply with Australian families, especially in the booming post-war era.

Becoming a Cultural Icon

As the company expanded, the Hills Hoist became emblematic of the Australian dream: a home with a spacious backyard. Its reliability and utility made it a fixture not just in homes, but also in cultural references, including the Adelaide Festival of Arts and the Sydney Olympic Games. Its durability was highlighted during Cyclone Tracy in 1974, where a Hills Hoist was famously the only structure left standing in one devastated family's yard.

Contemporary Relevance and Legacy

Today, Hills is more than just clotheslines. We have grown to include a diverse range of home and garden products, designed with the same legendary Aussie ingenuity. Our products cater not only to large families but also to individuals and residents of high-rise apartments, reflecting the changing landscapes of urban living. The Hills Hoist remains a cherished icon, ingrained in the precious childhood memories of generations of Australians and a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Commitment to Innovation and Community

At Hills, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and evolving with their needs. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that meet the demands of contemporary life, ensuring that we continue to grow alongside the vibrant Hills community of families across Australia and beyond.

Our Future Vision

As we look towards the future, Hills remains committed to upholding the innovative spirit and high-quality standards set by our founders. We are continually exploring new ideas and technologies to expand our reach and offerings globally, while staying true to our roots that redefine everyday convenience and efficiency for individuals and businesses alike.