Hills Hoist Clotheslines

The original great Australian clothesline, the iconic Hills Hoist. This robust backyard icon is as strong and constant as the sun. With galvanised steel parts and a whooping 100kg weight capacity, this Aussie battler will outlast the harshest of conditions and the most rowdy childhood games – you know the ones we’re talking about.

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Folding Clotheslines

Our range of Folding Frame Clotheslines are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Make the most of your balcony, courtyard and even the side of your house with these beauties. From our pocket-rocket Compact Folding Frame to our Long Folding Frame, we’ve engineered a clothesline for every space. Speaking of space, they may be slimline but we’ve packed in a tonne of drying capacity. Galvanised steel and industrial-grade parts make our folding frames last as long as the trusty Hills Hoist of your childhood.

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Retracting Clotheslines

They’re perfect for courtyards, balconies, garages and even caravans! We’ve hidden enough drying space for a king-size sheet inside our slim units, elegantly designed to blend in with your space. With 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 line options available, these compact helpers aren’t short of drying space and yet they practically disappear when you’re done using them. And because you deserve to #launderlikeaboss, our clotheslines are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Portable Clotheslines

Over the years, we often heard our customers say that they wished there was a step between conventional clotheslines and our handy airers. So we decided to make it. Our portable clotheslines pack all the features that we’re famous for into compact and collapsible frames.Like outdoor lines, our portatables are Aussie-tough and packed with drying space, but are light and easy to manoeuvre indoor and outdoors. Use it on the balcony, in the laundry, courtyard, garage, or even the campground. They’re perfect for growing families and housemates – they’re also a great addition to a caravaning kit!

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