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Innovative solutions for efficient air drying.

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Baskets and Hampers

Whether sorting the laundry or organising your linen closet or wardrobe, our range of hampers and baskets make storage look good! Constructed from materials like bamboo and aluminium that are super strong yet light as a feather, this range is made with comfort, functionality and style in mind.

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Whether you believe ironing is one of life’s simple pleasures or boring chores, our range of ironing boards and accessories will make it a breeze. With features like our award-winning rotating caddy to keep your iron and water jug within easy reach, to premium cotton covers with adjustable toggles to ensure a snug fit, our range is designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind.

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When you do multiple loads of washing a day, you need expert-level laundry accessories. Save your back with our range of trolleys and caddies, making life easier when you’re hanging out the washing. Made from lightweight materials, and boasting smooth-glide wheels, they’re easy to maneuver over any surface and fit most laundry baskets. Better yet, they fold away for easy storage. Our promise to you is that we’ll make laundry easier for many years to come, that’s why our trolleys come with a 3 year warranty against defects.

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