Hills Everyday Rotary 47M Clothesline


Wind it up and spin it around, you won’t be disappointed with the innovative features and functionality of our Rotary clotheslines.

With 65 metres of drying space across 9 lines, this is the biggest rotary clothesline you can get. Ideal for large families or if you have multiple loads of washing in a day.

We’ve made it a breeze for natural, fresh air drying, for today’s modern families. The perfect model awaits your backyard, just choose from our comprehensive selection of sizes and styles.

All styles have been crafted from industrial-grade materials and ergonomically designed for long lasting comfort.

Reclaim your garden space as all rotary clotheslines can be folded and removed from the ground socket when not is use.

Product Specifications


Download our comprehensive guide for easy-to-follow instructions and additional product details.

Product Manual