Hills Hoist 8 Line Clothesline


Wind it up and spin it around, you won’t be disappointed with the innovative features and functionality of our Rotary clotheslines.

With up to 58 metres of drying space, this clothesline is ideal for large families or if you have multiple loads of washing in a day.

We’ve made it a breeze for natural, fresh air drying, for today’s modern families. The perfect model awaits your backyard, just choose from our comprehensive selection of sizes and styles.

All styles have been crafted from industrial-grade materials and ergonomically designed for long lasting comfort.

Reclaim your garden space as all rotary clotheslines can be folded and removed from the ground socket when not is use.

Available Colours:

Height Adjustment

We've perfected the engineering to make adjusting the height of your line seamless. An ergonomic winding handle allows you to raise the head of your clothesline up to 420mm.

Easy Glide

The lines fold up and down with graceful ease thanks to an intuitive design and simple push-button mechanism.

Steel Construction

Built to last in galvanised and powder coated steel and hardy, industrial grade plastic.

Features and Benefits

Product Specifications

Drying Space 55m
Number of Lines 8
Head Diameter 3.7m
Maximum Sheet Size Queen
Max Loading 75kg*
Family Size Extra Large
Warranty Lifetime^
Bonus Accessory Coat Hanger Rail
*Load must be evenly distributed. ^1 year warranty on polycore line, refer to product manual for more information.
Clotheslines Clearance Diagram
0.5m Clearance
3.7m Head Diameter
0.5m Clearance


Download our comprehensive guide and brochure for easy-to-follow instructions and additional product details.

Product Manual