Planter Retracting Clothesline


Take style and functionality to the next level with Hills latest innovation, the Planter Retracting Clothesline.

This unique patented design disguises your Clothesline as a planter when not in use, and is the perfect addition to the modern courtyard or balcony.

Each line extends up to 6.3m, meaning a large 19m of total drying space, and enabling multiple King sheets to hang.

Available Colours:

Removable Planter

The planter pot is fully sealed, and is easy to lift on and off the clothesline.

Style + Function

Unique patented design disguises your clothesline as a planter when not in use.

Hassle-free Watering

The 15L planter features an in-built self-watering tray to reduce watering frequency.

Features and Benefits

Product Specifications

Drying Space 19m
Number of Lines 3
Dimensions 53 x 25.5 x 28cm
Individual Line Length 6.3m
Maximum Sheet Size King
Max Loading 30kg*
Family Size Large
Warranty Lifetime^
^1 year warranty on polycore line, refer to product manual for more information. *Load must be evenly distributed.


Download our comprehensive guide and brochure for easy-to-follow instructions and additional product details.

Product Manual