Single Folding Frame Clothesline


Space saving yet full of drying space, we nicknamed this folding frame The Powerhouse because we’ve packed 26m of drying space into one stylish frame.

That’s plenty of room for double sheets and a medium load – perfect for growing families and couples. Thanks to an intuitive strutless folding mechanism, you can easily fold the frame up and down with one hand.

Tuck it into your courtyard, garage or even balcony and use it for years to come. Your Hills Single Folding Frame is backed with a lifetime warranty against defects.

  • Extra thick galvanised and powder coated steel frame with formed steel corners
  • Smart strutless folding mechanism makes the clothesline exceptionally easy to fold up and down, even using one hand
  • Unique and ergonomic line tensioner makes the line tension simple to maintain and adjust

Available Colours:

Steel Construction

Built to last in galvanised, powder coated steel and industrial-grade plastic.

Folding Mechanism

No guesswork – you’ll know the frame is locked in place with an audible click. And our ergonomic mechanism allows you to fold the frame up and down one-handed.

Line Tensioner

Goodbye sagging lines! We’ve revolutionised the line tension with an ergonomic, unique twist dial to maintain and adjust the line tension.

Features and Benefits

Product Specifications

Drying Space 26m
Number of Lines 12
Frame Dimensions 2.2 x 1.3m
Maximum Sheet Size Double
Max Loading 34kg*
Family Size Medium
Warranty Lifetime^
Bonus Accessory Sock Rail
*Load must be evenly distributed. ^1 year warranty on polycore line, refer to product manual for more information.


Download our comprehensive guide and brochure for easy-to-follow instructions and additional product details.

Product Manual